The Benefits of Permeable Pavers

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Why choose permeable pavers for your yard?  They’re a wonderful choice for adding or modifying your hardscape architecture.  For reasons both aesthetic and ecological, they’re often your best choice.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of permeable pavers:

Surface Water Management

The key is in the name, here – “permeable”.  Permeable pavers allow water to penetrate its surface and seep down into the ground.  That’s a natural and environmentally sensitive way to handle the issue of standing water, which can damage patios, walkways and the like.  Any sort of sustainable installation needs to handle that runoff well, and using permeable pavers reduces runoff pollution.  It’s an environmentally-friendly choice!

Cooler Surfaces

Because pavers allow the water to filtrate into the ground, they are cooler than comparable impervious surfaces.  Asphalt or concrete on a hot summer’s day can become very hot indeed; permeable pavers will often be several degrees cooler in the summer.  You can add to that effect by picking light-colored pavers; that will also help reflect sunlight and heat, reducing the ambient temperature even further.


Plain old concrete can be boring to look at – though stamped concrete options do exist.  Asphalt can be high maintenance and crack – great for a driveway, but not so great for your backyard.  Pavers, however, come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns, and their installation can take many different forms and shapes.  No matter what design you have in mind for your backyard, permeable pavers can help add that little extra aesthetic spark to it.

Epic Paving has been adding distinguished elegance to properties with interlocking stones for over 20 years, and you’ll be amazed at the quality of our workmanship.  We’ll help you pick the right pavers and design that fits your plan and budget.  From the moment we start on the sub-base to the final stages of cleanup, we take every possible step to leave your property with a great-looking (and exceptionally durable) feature.

How to Maintain Your Interlocking Patio

How to Maintain Your Interlocking Patio

An interlocking patio is a great choice – easy to maintain and long-lasting, it provides a great aesthetic look to your backyard while also being highly functional.

Of course, like any other surface, it’s important to take proper care of your new interlocking patio to get the best long-term performance out of it.  Here are some tips on how to keep your interlocking patio looking pristine and new for years to come.

Sweep Often

This is both for obvious reasons – dirt, leaves and yard waste don’t make for great looking patios! – but sweeping also includes a preventative element.  If you leave too much built-up dirt, grass seeds can easily sprout.  Once grass gets an opening, it’s a nightmare to remove – and it can even crack cement, much less interlocking pavers.  Nip that problem in the bud!  If weeds or grass do get a foothold, white vinegar and dishwashing soap is a great way to kill any vegetation that you can find.

Remove Stains

A soft wire brush is a great way to get rid of any stains on your patio.  You don’t want to use a course or stiff brush, because that can leave a mark on the pavers themselves.  A soft brush allows you to get the necessary oomph to remove stains without damaging the pavers.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is a fine for stone and brick patios, but be a little careful.  You want to aim at the stones themselves, and not at the grout, which will be less resilient.  We recommend starting with lower power and ramping up as you see how effective it can be, rather than starting out too strong.

Seal Regularly

We advise that patios be sealed once every three years.  This helps prevent the polymeric sand from degrading – that helps prevent weeds from breaking through your surface.  It also keeps your grout looking great, and that can be the most difficult part of a patio to clean.

How Repaving Your Parking Lot with Asphalt can Save You Money

How Repaving Your Parking Lot with Asphalt can Save You Money

Getting an asphalt parking lot from Epic Paving is a great idea.  It’s not just a strong and stable surface, making it a good choice for infrastructure reasons, but it can also end up saving you money in the long run.  Here’s how:


Improving the drainage of your parking lot means you will need repairs and maintenance less frequently.  Asphalt – especially porous asphalt – is perfect for dealing with tricky water runoff situations and other standing water issues.  A new, properly installed or repaved asphalt surface can help avoid costly potholes and cracks.  Less money for repairs is more money in your pocket.

Stronger Installation

When you get a parking lot installed by Epic Paving, you can rest assured that our attention to detail and specifics ensures you get the best parking lot for your money.  That includes a strong and sturdy subbase – the structural foundation of your parking lot.  If that isn’t installed properly, it can cause caving and sagging.  Having it installed properly will increase the lifespan of your parking lot, thus saving you money long term.

Return on Investment

A new parking lot is a great investment for a business or commercial property.  It provides better curb appeal, making your parking lot more attractive and appealing to potential customers – even better if you’re a rental company, and you’re trying to convince long-term renters to pick your property.  It’s easy to repair in sections should damage occur, as opposed to concrete or other surfaces; even small damages could mean large repairs on other surfaces.  It will increase the value of your property, offsetting costs of installation.

These are just a few of the major reasons.  There are also potential tax breaks or credits for installing “green” asphalt solutions, potential savings in recycling the asphalt when repairs are needed, and much more.  For more information about our asphalt parking lots, contact Epic Paving today!  We’ll be glad to hear from you.

The Proper Way to Fill a Pothole

The Proper Way to Fill a Pothole

The only thing you get if you fill a pothole incorrectly is a larger pothole in the future.  When you fill in a pothole the wrong way, you’re just going to see it come back, time after time, year after year.  Epic Paving knows the right way to fill a pothole to permanently solve your pothole problems.

So, how do you fill a pothole, then?  We’re glad you asked.

The first step is to remove debris from the hole itself, until your reach the subbase.  You don’t want loose asphalt or dirt and debris in your pothole; you can’t get a solid patch with that in the way.  You then want to ensure you have clean edges – we saw around the hole to create a fresh surface, in order to allow the asphalt mix to bond with the existing asphalt.  Craggy surfaces can make that bonding less clean.

We dig right down to the subbase when we repair potholes to ensure the integrity of the repair – otherwise, you have a thinner layer of patch on top of old asphalt on top of the subbase.  That’s where you see crumbling happening – that lowers the structural integrity of the spot, and you’ll just get potholes again.  By repairing down to the subbase, we’re creating the strongest patch possible.  Once we’ve dug down and cut around the hole, we remove any remaining debris.

The next step surprises some people – heat the pothole.  This removes existing moisture, which is important because moisture is the number one cause for asphalt failure.  It also softens the asphalt around the pothole, which helps improve the strength of the bond between it and the patch.

At this point, we’re ready to add the new asphalt, and then compact it to create the bond.  Once the asphalt is cooled, it’s generally OK to drive on it immediately, getting your surface back to action quickly and efficiently.


Epic Paving’s Annual Barbecue

From all of us here at Epic Paving, thank you so much for coming to our annual barbecue!  It was a tremendous event, and we’re glad that so many of our major clients and partners could make it.  It’s a great way to network and meet people outside of the work environment, and we’re glad everyone had a great time.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Building a Quality Asphalt Driveway

Building a Quality Asphalt Driveway

It’s time to install a new asphalt driveway!  Asphalt really is one of the best choices for a driveway; it’s durable, affordable and easy to repair.  But how do you go about making sure your new driveway will be of the highest quality?  Here are some key tips from the experts at Epic Paving:

Vet Your Contractor

While we’re confident you’ll get the best quote here at Epic Paving, it’s still good to talk to a number of contractors and get quotes.  Do your research – check them out on sites like HomeStars to make sure that they have a large number of positive reviews and feedback.  Ideally, you should be able to see examples of their previous work, so you know that they’ll do a great job for you.

Pick Your Materials

Asphalt comes in a variety of materials, perfect for different uses.  Porous asphalt helps reduce runoff by increasing drainage.  Perpetual pavement is better for heavy-use areas thanks to its durability.  Hot mix asphalt offers the finest finished appearances.   The kind of asphalt you choose will depend on what you want to get out of your project; your contractor can explain the differences and help you make the right selection.

Install Properly

A trusted contractor, like the ones at Epic Paving, won’t cut corners during the installation phase.  This includes key details like ensuring a quality water run-off plan, preparing the foundation and subbase, and proper surface preparation.  The higher the quality of the installation, the longer your asphalt driveway will last.

Maintain Regularly

Once your asphalt is in place, regular preventative maintenance will keep it functioning for a long time.  Fixing problems such as pot-holes and cracks when they’re still small and manageable will save you a ton of money in the long run.  By keeping on top of your preventative maintenance, your driveway will be a beautiful addition to your property for years to come!

The Complete Process for Asphalt Pavement Installation

The Complete Process for Asphalt Pavement Installation

You’ve decided on asphalt for your new driveway, sidewalk or parking lot.  You’ve made the call to Epic Paving to schedule an installation.  Everything’s all set – but now what happens?  Just what’s actually involved in installing asphalt?  Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you can expect as your new asphalt is being laid down.


The first thing that needs to be done is to remove the existing surface!  If it’s old asphalt, it can often be recycled, making it an environmentally friendly choice.  Otherwise, the asphalt, concrete or old interlocking pavers are torn up with heavy machinery.


Water drainage is key to ensuring a long-lasting asphalt surface.  With that in mind, your contractor will grade and slope the surface to ensure that water runs off properly, using motor graders to get the perfect slope.


The subbase provides a stable support for your new asphalt, and protects it from dangerous freeze-and-thaw cycles in Toronto’s harsh winter weather.  This is installed after grading, with the contractor making sure that it’s properly compacted to provide years of durability.


The binder layer is coarser grade of asphalt, with larger stones.  This is added to increase the strength and durability of your new asphalt.  Without it, your asphalt top would likely crack or break under the constant pressure of cars and other heavy machinery.   The binder layer helps fight against breaking and cracking, keeping your asphalt strong for years to come.

Top Layer

Finally, the top layer is added.  This is the finer layer that provides a great aesthetic quality and ensures a smoother, more comfortable surface to your new asphalt installation.  It’s made up of smaller aggregate than the binder layer, as well as sand and oil.  It also produces that deep black color that gives new asphalt its trademark shiny finished surface.


After the asphalt has been laid down, the transition from the new asphalt to preexisting driveways, roadways or parking lots need to be smoothed – otherwise, you get large, uncomfortable bumps.  It takes special attention to make sure the water run-off is appropriate in these areas; if not done properly, they can be common trouble points for water pooling.

Final Roll

When everything is laid down, from the subbase to the very top layer, it’s time for the final smoothing and compacting.  A roller truck is used to compact and smooth the surface, making sure that no bumps of aggregate or stone remain in your new surface.

When you trust Epic Paving with your asphalt installation, you can rest assured that you’re getting a surface that will provide years of durability and functionality.

What Does Your Paving Estimate Include?

What Does Your Paving Estimate Include?

You’ve called a paving professional like Epic Paving, asking about your new asphalt construction or maintenance.  You’ve explained what you need done, and you want an estimate.  But what does a good estimate include?  How do you know which contractor is right for you and your specific job requirements?

When getting a quote or an estimate, there are key pieces of information that you need to make an informed quest.  When you get an estimate from Epic Paving, you can count on these pieces of information:

On-Site Inspection

An estimate without seeing the actual worksite in person can only really be an approximation.  Visiting the site can allow an experienced contractor to better understand the project scope and spot any potential difficult aspects, allowing them to give you a more accurate estimate.

Your Needs and Expectations

Your contractor should talk with you about your needs and expectations for the project.  You should understand the entire project from start to finish and ask questions of the contractor about exactly what would be involved to achieve your goals.


Different projects require different materials.  You may have to choose between asphalt, concrete and interlocking, and even in each category, there’s a wide range of possibilities.  Different types of asphalt or concrete are appropriate for different situations, depending on your exact needs and requirements.  Your contractor should discuss all options with you so you can make the best decision.

Water Drainage

The single most important factor for the longevity of your asphalt is water drainage, and that should be part of any discussion for new or refurbished asphalt.  If water drainage is ignored, your new construction will be vulnerable to cracking, potholes and other damage.


When dealing with a contractor, you should expect good communication.  There should be a back-and-forth discussion about your needs and preferences, and you should get all the information you need in a timely and prompt fashion.  If your contractor is difficult to talk with when setting up a job, you can’t expect them to suddenly improve when they’re on the job!


A good contractor will have a list of customer testimonials and reviews to share with you, so you can see how many other satisfied customers they have.  Ideally, they’ll provide you with either photos or addresses of previous work so you can check it out yourself before committing.

How to Plan for Yearly Maintenance

How to Plan for Yearly Maintenance

Yearly preventative maintenance is key to keeping your asphalt or concrete surface in good condition.  It’s best to fix problems before they can become major issues, as it will not only save you time and money in the long run, but also keep your surfaces working in prime condition year-round.

Maintenance like crack and pothole filling is relatively cheap, and have a great return on investment, with both immediate and long-term benefits.  Keeping room in your budget for yearly small repairs is one of the best investments you can make.

The best time to do yearly maintenance is the fall, just before icy weather hits, but as long as you’re consistent, you can do yearly maintenance at any time.  Here are several things you should keep an eye on:

Surface Inspections

Are there any cracks or potholes that need to be filled?  These surface-level damages allow water to penetrate your pavement, which can expand cracks and other problems when it freezes and thaws.  That can cause severe damage, which is easily preventable if you deal with cracks and potholes early.

Water Pooling

Is water pooling anywhere on your surface?  Standing water is another avenue for water penetration; you should have well-managed water run-off in order to avoid problems from developing.  Good water run-off also helps prevent snow or ice accumulation in the winter.


Over time, your asphalt or concrete might start looking worn or faded.  Sealcoating is a great way to make your asphalt look like new again, increasing your curb appeal and improving the value of your home or business.

Proper maintenance on your asphalt or concrete helps extend the life of your surfaces.  Don’t get caught needing to spend the money on a total replacement; common-sense maintenance will save you both time and money!  Call Epic Paving for all your asphalt and concrete maintenance needs.

Contractor Check Logo

ContratorCheck Accreditation

Epic Paving and Contracting is proud to announce that we’re a ContractorCheck accredited member.

When you’re selecting a contractor, you’re putting your trust in them.  You want to ensure that their health and safety record is top-notch, and that they’re fully trained and licensed.  You’re trusting them with your property.  That’s where an independent, third-party source like ContractorCheck comes in.

ContractorCheck is an independent third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors.  They accredit a wide variety of contractors from hundreds of trades, ensuring that their contractors show a commitment to health and safety.  They assess the health and safety management systems contractors have in place, and compile a list of accredited companies you can put your trust in.

Any ContractorCheck Accredited contractor you engage with has demonstrated that they have a safety program that satisfies federal and provincial legislation, as well as client specific requirements. Every assessment is assessed or accredited by an experienced Canadian Registered Safety Professional.  It’s a thorough assessment, reviewing all relevant policies and procedures, as well as providing advice on how contractors can meet the highest standards.  They support and encourage the contractor throughout the process, until they are assured that the contractors meet their highest standards.

What does this mean for you?  That means when you pick a ContractorCheck accredited contractor like Epic Paving and Contracting, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re compliant with laws and regulations, or if their commitment to health and safety is lacking.  It’s a way to put contractor safety at the forefront of your contractor selection without requiring the excessive legwork required to check out every contractor yourself.  This will reduce the risk of accidents on your job sites, and give you peace of mind.

Epic Paving and Contracting goes to great lengths to ensure we pass our annual assessments.  This isn’t a one-time accreditation; it’s an ongoing system of checkups to ensure that safety policies and procedures remain in place.  We put health and safety at the forefront of our concerns, and this accreditation helps demonstrate the level of our commitment.

Let us take some of the risk out of your contracting!  The orange checkmark means that we’re a safe, health-conscious organization who will provide a safe workplace on your property.  Epic Paving and Contracting will provide the best – and safest – paving services in the Greater Toronto Area.