Paving Estimate

Top 4 Things A Paving Estimate Should Include

Spring is nearing, which means it’s time to start planning repairs for all that damage the winter months have wreaked on your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Here at Epic Paving, we know pavement repair and installation projects require a high degree of planning and upfront decisions. To help ease the decision of which contractor to choose for your paving project, we’ve comprised a list of the top things your paving estimate should include so you can rest assured that you’re making the most informed decision.

1. Site Visit

First and foremost, a paving estimate should only be received after the contractor has completed a site visit. This is to ensure the contractor fully understands the scope of your paving project, thus providing a more accurate plan and price.

2. Who You’re Working With

Every estimate should include your project manager and/or point-of-contact’s information. Other information that should be easily accessible includes: how long the company has been in business, industry recognition and awards, positive customer reviews, prior projects, as well as a list of referrals for you to contact if requested.

3. Project Details

While a paving estimate may not include exact start dates, it should include an approximate amount of time the project may take and important project phases, such as acquiring permits. Key details regarding what work will be done should also be stated, including: which materials and thickness of asphalt will be used, drainage plans, sealcoating, striping, as well as the areas which will be paved or repaired. In this case a detailed project map would be ideal!

4. Estimated Costs

Last but certainly not least, your paving estimate should include expected costs to complete the project. The costs provided in your paving estimate should include everything from materials to labor, so there are no surprises!

At the end of the day, every contractor should take the time to review their paving estimate with you. Your paving estimate will set the tone for how the rest of your project will go, and it’s important for both parties to fully understand and agree to what work will be completed. Timely and transparent communication is the key to every job well done! If you have an upcoming paving project and would like to receive an estimate, contact our team today at 416­-701-1881 or