Can Asphalt Stains Be Removed

Can Oil Stains Be Removed from Asphalt Driveways?

Wondering if those unsightly oil stains can be removed from your asphalt driveway? The experts at Epic Paving are here to tell you: they can! And the good news is, stains can be removed without needing a professional. In this article we will share several effective methods to help you break up or remove the oil using common household items. 

Tips To Remove Stains

Fresh oil stain? Check your cupboards! If you’ve got Dawn Dish Soap, clay-based cat litter, a can of Coca-Cola, baking soda, or WD-40 lying around…then you’re in luck! All of these items can help break down or absorb the oil before it settles into the asphalt. Simply apply the substance, let it sit, scrub with a bristle brush, then rinse with a hose! 

Side note: Coca-cola and cat litter should sit overnight before rinsing. It is also VITAL to absorb the excess oil with a mop or cloth before applying these items to the stain.

Having a hard time? Tough stains may require more than one application. You can also try any number of the above combinations. Just make sure not to try them at the same time. Some chemicals simply don’t mix!

How Does It Work?

So how do these products work to remove oil stains from asphalt? Granular clay and cat little will absorb the oil, while baking soda’s mildly abrasive properties will break up the oil. Since “like removes like” low-viscosity spray oils, like WD-40, will also be effective. However, many of these items, such as oven cleaner, are toxic. Luckily green degreasers are available on the market, which utilize alcohol ethoxylates to remove the oil.

Older stains will be slightly tougher to remove, but can still be done. You can use a pressure washer of at least 3,000 PSI to effectively remove the oil. However, the pressure washer should be used cautiously to avoid breaking up the asphalt. You can also hire a professional pressure washer, who will use a flat surface cleaning head that removes the stain without harming your driveway.

We hope you’ve found these techniques useful for removing oil stains from your asphalt driveway! Have more paving questions? Contact our qualified team of professionals today at 416­-701-1881 or