3 Most Efficient Parking Lot Layouts

Choosing the right parking lot design presents several key challenges to owners. What layout is the most efficient? Where should the varying parts of a driveway and parking lots like a security gate or parking spaces go? Consider the lot dimensions and parking space size when designing. What layouts are the best for your space?

Three Common Parking Lot Layouts

When considering the type of layout you need, there are many factors and challenges. For example, there are parts of the driveway like handicapped accessible parking, sidewalks, ramps, and security that must be considered. Do you have landscaping or parking barriers? Do you need to accommodate public transportation?

In general, you will choose from three types of parking:

  1. Perpendicular 90 Degree Parking with standard side-by-side parking
  2. 60 Degree Parking where cars park at an angle to each other
  3. 45 Degree Parking where cars park tightly angles to each other

Perpendicular Parking Lot Design

Traffic flow must be considered when planning the parking style. Perpendicular parking lots may be more maneuverable in larger lots. They allow for more fluid traffic flow. Cars have two-way traffic. However, perpendicular parking requires more space and might not be good for smaller lots.

Angled Parking

Whether you choose 60 Degree or 45 Degree parking for your parking lot, you will notice a few key benefits to this layout:

  • Requires less space
  • Less paving material needed
  • More room for lighting
  • Additional space for landscaping
  • More maneuverability for smaller lots
  • Traffic flows freely
  • Staggered parking spaces allow for more safety
  • Less chance of cars hitting each other

When considering the best parking lot design for your business, be sure to consider the importance of convenience, safety, and traffic flow. Angled parking offers benefits for smaller lots. If you have a much larger space, you have more parking options. If your customers are happy with the parking situation, they will return to your business again and again.

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