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How Do You Apply Cold Patch to Asphalt?

Maintaining your asphalt driveway lengthens the driveways lifespan. There are various pothole repair methods available. Apply a simple cold patch to your asphalt driveway for minor potholes. How do you apply a cold patch to asphalt? Follow these simple instructions below.

What Causes Potholes

You can repair a shallow pothole with a cold patch. This is one of the easier do-it-yourself pothole methods. If you need to repave or replace your driveway, be sure to call the professionals. Potholes often occur due to extreme weather conditions. Snow and ice cover your driveway. When the weather warms, water seeps into the cracks of the driveway. Freezing causes the water to expand, causing cracks and unsightly potholes.

Potholes can cause danger to pedestrians. They can damage your vehicles, mainly the tires. Not only that, they are an eyesore. If you don’t repair a pothole, it grows into a larger problem that can be much costlier.

Applying the Cold Patch

Many homeowners choose a cold patch. The cold patch comes in bags. Patch holes as small as several centimeters across. Originally cold patches were a temporary solution. Newer technologies now make it a more permanent solution. The newer cold patch options have polymers. They increase adhesion overall. The cold patch will stick to the older asphalt in your driveway.

Newer cold patches flow slowly like lava from the bag. The materials start curing immediately. Make sure the bottom of the pothole is larger than the top of the pothole. Use a chisel for constructing vertical faces on the sides of the hole. They need to stretch down to the previous layer of solid asphalt. Make sure the pothole is clear of debris and dust.

Apply at least a few centimeters of material. About five centimeters is ideal. Any more and the material may take too long to harden. Use a hand tamper to compact the patch. Wait at least a day before driving or walking on the cold patch. You do not need to seal a cold patch immediately. Typically, you should wait a month before sealing.

If your pothole damage is severe or you would like an assessment on how to best fix your asphalt driveway, give our professionals a call today. We are here to help you.

The Proper Way to Fill a Pothole

The Proper Way to Fill a Pothole

The only thing you get if you fill a pothole incorrectly is a larger pothole in the future.  When you fill in a pothole the wrong way, you’re just going to see it come back, time after time, year after year.  Epic Paving knows the right way to fill a pothole to permanently solve your pothole problems.

So, how do you fill a pothole, then?  We’re glad you asked.

The first step is to remove debris from the hole itself, until your reach the subbase.  You don’t want loose asphalt or dirt and debris in your pothole; you can’t get a solid patch with that in the way.  You then want to ensure you have clean edges – we saw around the hole to create a fresh surface, in order to allow the asphalt mix to bond with the existing asphalt.  Craggy surfaces can make that bonding less clean.

We dig right down to the subbase when we repair potholes to ensure the integrity of the repair – otherwise, you have a thinner layer of patch on top of old asphalt on top of the subbase.  That’s where you see crumbling happening – that lowers the structural integrity of the spot, and you’ll just get potholes again.  By repairing down to the subbase, we’re creating the strongest patch possible.  Once we’ve dug down and cut around the hole, we remove any remaining debris.

The next step surprises some people – heat the pothole.  This removes existing moisture, which is important because moisture is the number one cause for asphalt failure.  It also softens the asphalt around the pothole, which helps improve the strength of the bond between it and the patch.

At this point, we’re ready to add the new asphalt, and then compact it to create the bond.  Once the asphalt is cooled, it’s generally OK to drive on it immediately, getting your surface back to action quickly and efficiently.