Driveway Interlocking

For more than 20 years, Epic Paving and Contracting has been installing high-quality interlocking driveways.  Interlocking pavers has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners – it’s a different look that gives you a higher level of control over the outside appearance of your home.

Driveway interlocking adds stunning curb appeal to your home – they’ll make you proud to drive up to your home every day.  Your new driveway will make you the envy of the neighborhood!

Many people find the effect of interlocking paving slabs to be much more attractive than plain concrete or asphalt.  Interlocking paving comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs, allowing you to select the aesthetic look which best meets your needs.  The wide variety of patterns, shapes and sizes available means that interlocking paving can blend in with practically any architectural design.

Interlocking paving is low-maintenance, as well.  Stained or broken pavers can be easily individually replaced, and well-maintained pavers can last for decades.  They resist cracking, as well as damage from freeze-thaw cycles and salts.  They are actually stronger than concrete, too.

In Toronto’s snowy conditions, interlocking makes an excellent choice.  Smooth interlocked surfaces are ideal for easy snow removal, as opposed to a rougher surface like asphalt.  Dark-colored pavers absorb sunlight, causing snow to melt faster than concrete.

We offer a wide variety of quality stones and bricks, so you’ll have plenty of selection to get that perfect finish.  We use modern designs and the highest quality materials to ensure that your new interlocked surface will last for decades to come.

We work with you, helping you choose the materials most appropriate to your project.  From the initial sub-base to final cleanup, we take extra care to provide nothing but the highest quality workmanship.

An interlocked driveway will make you the envy of your neighbors.  Your new driveway will last for decades, with a high level of performance and great aesthetic appeal.  Contact us today for a quote and consultation, and get started down the road to a wonderful surface!