Concrete Walkway Paving


Using concrete paving for a walkway opens up a wide variety of aesthetic and design choices.  If you’re looking for a walkway with more curb appeal than a standard, everyday walkway, concrete walkway paving may be right up your alley.

Poured concrete is an inflexible material, giving it the capacity to bear very heavy loads without buckling or cracking.  It also provides a smooth, rigid edge.  That makes it an ideal choice for commercial dumping pads, loading docks and walkways.

It also is a great choice for residential installation, as well.  Unlike an asphalt walkway, concrete can be stamped in a wide variety of patterns.  That allows you to design patterns to mimic brick, flagstone, slate or tile for a fraction of the cost of those other materials.  You’ll be getting a long-lasting, durable surface that can fit any design needs you may have.

Concrete is much more durable and low-maintenance than other surface materials.  It’s easy to maintain, and won’t crack or otherwise be damaged by the harsh winters we get here in Toronto.  As a solid, smooth surface, it doesn’t end up with unsightly joints or gaps where moisture can enter, or weeds and grass can grow.  It won’t warp or rot over time, either.  When you choose concrete walkway paving, you’re picking a surface that’s going to last for years.

At Epic Paving and Concrete, we have over 20 years of experience designing and installing concrete surfaces.  We are proud to offer high-quality concrete, asphalt and interlocking services to all our friends and neighbors here in the Greater Toronto Area.  We work with you, taking into account your unique situation, and create a custom-built solution to fit your needs.

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