Concrete Reconstruction

Have cracked, damaged concrete?  That happens over time – concrete, exposed to the harsh weather conditions Toronto has to offer, will eventually corrode and degrade.  The top will begin to flake off, and the larger aggregate that makes the bulk of the concrete will begin to expose.  Spider-webbing and cracks may form.  You may feel that replacement is the only option.

The experts at Epic Paving and Contracting can help avoid that, however.  Concrete reconstruction is an economically wise alternative to expensive replacement – concrete that has only surface-level damage can be restored and repaired to its original look and structural integrity.

Epic Paving and Contracting has over 20 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining concrete.  All of our concrete products and services are guaranteed to have high-quality results and long-lasting performance.  Our quality materials and cutting-edge equipment creates a finish that lasts, eve in Toronto’s harsh weather cycles.  Every aspect of our service is customized to provide impressive results.

Epic Paving & Contracting ensures that your concrete is repaired for life.  We have nearly a 100 percent success rate for crack repair work, and we’re confident that our high-quality materials and expertise will ensure that our work lasts the lifetime of your concrete.

Concrete is long-lasting, durable and effective.  When maintained properly, it will last for decades.  When damage does start to form, concrete reconstruction can help nip your issues in the bud, restoring your concrete to full strength and luster quickly and efficiently.

At Epic Paving and Contracting, we take pride in every project we handle.  For more than two decades, we have provided professional concrete finishing services for property owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Our teams create stunning surfaces with incredible consistency.

When you choose Epic Paving and Contracting, you can ensure that you’ll get the highest quality service at the best prices.  We’ll help you get the most out of your concrete, asphalt and interlocking.